Wikimedia briefly explained


Wikimedia is a worldwide movement that advocates free knowledge. All Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia, are run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation based in San Francisco, USA. Almost 40 independent country organizations provide local support for Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Deutschland – Association for the Promotion of Free Knowledge e. V.

Wikimedia Deutschland is part of this worldwide movement for free knowledge. As a non-profit organization, we support Wikipedia and its sister projects by supporting volunteers, developing free software and standing up for access to knowledge and education as a human right, at all levels of society.

Free Knowledge

Our vision is a world in which everyone can share, use and multiply all of humanity’s knowledge. By Free Knowledge we mean knowledge that is available, changeable and reusable free of charge for everyone at any time. The best known source of Free Knowledge is the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Wikipedia and Wikimedia

The German version of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia went online in March 2001 and is created exclusively by volunteer authors. They write articles, keep information up to date, correct mistakes and share their knowledge with the whole world. In 2004, Wikipedia volunteers founded the non-profit association Wikimedia Deutschland, which now has more than 100.000 members. The support of Wikipedia authors has been an integral part of the work of Wikimedia Deutschland ever since. But as the association for the promotion of Free Knowledge, we do much more: We support volunteers in all the Wikimedia projects, develop free software and technology, advocate for open science, education, and culture, and strengthen political conditions that enable free access to knowledge.