Effective tools for creating engagement and collaboration in an online accelerator program

Deciding on which tools and methods to use that actually foster engagement and collaboration online is a big part of the Wikimedia Accelerator UNLOCK. In our online toolbox we continuously update our favorites and make them freely accessible to you.

  • Lucia Obst
  • 8. December 2021

We all know activating methods such as check-ins, retros, energizers and icebreakers are essential in keeping your audience engaged. And this has become increasingly true in virtual programs such as the UNLOCK Accelerator. 

But which method is best suited for creating trust in a team? Which tool will help the participants stay present throughout lengthy work sessions? And do these even work online?

Sharing our favorite tools & methods

To better decide on a suitable method, we have created an online toolkit that is freely accessible:

Here we share not just a plethora of options, but our favorites that have actually worked well across two editions of the UNLOCK Accelerator. 

We have divided them in four categories: checking-in & out, energizers & icebreakers, teamwork & retrospectives, ideation & implementation.

With every edition of the program, we do not only want to build our own bag of tricks. Rather, we invite you to use the toolkit as a resource for your own programs, to put your own spin on them and foremost, to just give them a go!