Is UNLOCK the right program for you? Our requirements for participation

At UNLOCK, we are looking for diverse groups of people, with different professional backgrounds from all over Europe that share our values and want to (re)build trust in the digital age. Here, we lay out that this means in more specific terms, what our conditions for participation are, what mindset and experience is essential for participation and ultimately, whether the program is for you.

  • Lucia Obst
  • 9. April 2021

What experience should you bring along?

You are a maker, creative, developer or social entrepreneur – great! You have a completely different background and have your individual perspective to share – also great! We welcome people with different professional backgrounds and levels of experience into the UNLOCK program as we are looking for diverse teams that reflect what they need to succeed in their team setup.

What unites us is a social spirit and the will to change things for the better with a view to the common good. It is essential that you have the drive to put things into motion. You want to advance your project and try out new working methods along the way. You are willing to work with creative and collaborative methods.

What mindset should you bring along?

You are open minded, active and enthusiastic about change, and don’t want to accept problems for what they are? Instead you actively seek to tackle challenges and make the world a better place for the next generations to come?

You are curious by heart and love learning through exchange and collaboration? You are open to the opinions of others and believe that teamwork means opportunity?

You constantly come up with great ideas? You want to work on meaningful projects, but are not driven by quick profits? Instead you are driven by a social spirit?

You believe that first and foremost, technology should be beneficial for society and human-centered products are your jam?

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you believe that we will make a bigger impact as a group, then you have come to the right place! We welcome engaging and motivated personalities to the UNLOCK program, seek to bring them together and help them accelerate their ideas.

Screenshot of UNLOCK participants doing an online energizer

What solution should you bring along?

We are looking for both technical solutions and non-technical projects that help (re)build trust in the digital age

Your project idea should be at an early stage with a ready / almost ready prototype and you should be looking to head to the next level with us. We want you to continuously improve your solution through relentless feedback and exchange with peers and other stakeholders to help validate your idea. This might even mean heading back to the drawing board if needed and discarding initial ideas to adapt your solution to new findings, requirements and needs.

We tackle your project idea together with you and want to ensure that more people have free access to trustworthy knowledge and technology.

What basic criteria should you fulfil?

Sounds like the perfect match for you?

You read through our blog post and kept nodding in agreement? The program sounds like the perfect fit for you and your team? Then do not hesitate and send us your application no later than May 31.