Wondering how we select the projects? Let’s have a closer look at our process

This year, we received over 30 applications for the UNLOCK Accelerator and are currently in the process of selecting up to seven teams that we will support in the program. How does this selection process work, who are the people reviewing and how does the jury decide? Let’s have a closer look.

  • Mia Kunert
  • Kannika Thaimai
  • 9. June 2022

Who is involved in the review and selection process?

UNLOCK 2022 is open to applications from highly engaged teams from the German-speaking as well as Western Balkans region, all looking to make a real impact and addressing knowledge equity. Similar to the previous editions, we also included a jury who acted as an advisory board, lending their diverse expertise, experience and knowledge to the process and supporting us in properly assessing your project ideas. The jury reviewed the submissions based on a predefined assessment framework. The members of the jury are a combination of Wikimedia staff members, an external expert and the team of Impact Hub Belgrade, including:


Bildlizenz: Kannika Thaimai (WMDE), UNLOCK 2022 Jury meeting, CC BY-SA 4.0

What criteria do we use to evaluate the applications?

We have a predefined assessment framework in place that forms the basis of our decision on which teams will be invited to participate in the UNLOCK program. For us, the perfect teams must fulfill the following three criteria: Program Fit, Idea Fit, and Team Fit.

Here’s what that means:

What happens after the jury review?

Following the jury review, we will conduct online interviews with the shortlisted team, to meet the faces behind the applications. The ideas and the planned implementation will be discussed in more detail in the call. All open questions, both from the team and from our side should then be answered. And last but least, the most suitable teams, that meet all three criteria, will be invited to participate in the UNLOCK accelerator program.

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