Wondering who will be reviewing your application? Let us introduce our jury

You have applied for our UNLOCK Accelerator program and now you are wondering, who will be reviewing your application, and according to which criteria? Here, we introduce you to the UNLOCK 2021 jury and what their role in the selection process is in finding the best-suitable candidates for the program.

  • Lucia Obst
  • 3. May 2021

What is the role of the UNLOCK jury?

UNLOCK is open to applications from highly engaged teams across Europe, all looking to make a real impact and fighting the lack of trust in technology and information. In looking through all of your great proposals for much-needed solutions, we – the UNLOCK team – need help. This is why we have put together an international jury with no less than 14 members. 

This jury acts as an advisory board, lending their diverse expertise, experience and knowledge to the process and supporting us in properly assessing your project ideas. The jury reviews the submissions based on a predefined assessment framework.

Who is part of the UNLOCK jury?

The members of the jury are a combination of international Wikimedia staff members, external experts and all seven coaches mentoring the program. We are excited to have all of them join us, as together, they create a colorful mix of personalities, expertise, and perspectives that will help us make a balanced decision.

Our members of the jury bring insights and many years of expertise in a broad spectrum of topics to the table, as well as experience across borders. They share the UNLOCK mentality and are driven by a personal and professional attachment to the cause. Many have mastered similar selection procedures such as ours, having served on boards and as jury members before. All are highly knowledgeable in their field of action and versed in taking on a critical stance, asking the right questions and arguing for the greater good. 

And here they are:

[Eager to understand more about the role of our coaches and what tailored coaching means to us? We have an entire blog post dedicated to the topic.]

UNLOCK Coaches

What criteria do we use to evaluate your application?

We mentioned above that we have a predefined assessment framework in place that forms the basis of our decision on which teams will be invited to participate in the UNLOCK program.

For us, the perfect teams must fulfill the following three criteria: Program Fit, Idea Fit, and Team Fit.

Here’s what that means:

You haven’t handed in your application yet?

Well it is about time! Hit the apply button below and tell us about your idea. Our jury can hardly wait to be inspired! So don’t miss the deadline, May 31!