What we truly need: Ideas to make our Wikimedia Movement more innovative

Our first outcome from our journey of building a new innovation format for the Wikimedia Movement has arrived! After months of research, we are excited to finally share the concepts that we have selected from a collection of over 350 ideas on how to make the Wikimedia Movement more innovative. You are also curious about which ideas didn’t make the cut at this time? Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing those as well.

  • Sissela Björk
  • 11. September 2023

During the past months, we have been busy working on possible solutions for the challenges of our Movement in strengthening our innovative capacity. We organized a series of ideation workshops, bringing together stakeholders and partners to collaborate and brainstorm ideas on how to foster innovation in our Wikimedia Movement. 

Despite being in the early stages of our efforts, we are excited to share our progress. During this ideation phase, we have been able to create not just a list, but an entire catalog of innovative ideas for different activities and formats that bring innovation in Free Knowledge to the forefront:

First and second page of the InnoLab Idea Catalog
Sissela Björk (WMDE), CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Explore this booklet of ideas and be inspired. Feel free to pick any idea of your liking, and perhaps we will see you develop it further as a prototype in your own community and local contexts. 

Our Selection of Innovation Concepts

For now, we have chosen to advance and initiate our own Prototyping Phase with a pick of the following five concepts: (Photos from Idea Napkins)

These concepts were selected based on idea selections with our partners. Most importantly for us, was the originality, urgency and feasibility of the ideas. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on these ideas as we go into the next phase of realizing them! We invite you to share your thoughts on our Idea Napkins by simply leaving a comment below!