An open source platform that connects people and organizations across different movements to allow for intersectional participation and support. It should become a platform that breaks down barriers to becoming politically active and organized as well as to collaborate.

  • Andrew McAllister, Lucas Hoffmann

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Showcase at the UNLOCK Demo Day in October 2022:

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Project description

What problem does the project solve?

The problem we want to solve is how to get active on varied issues as well as more effectively connecting those who already are. Too often there are too many barriers for motivated individuals to engage in political activism – they don’t know what to do or where to start. The desire to address this problem comes from volunteering experiences: realizing that many groups working on similar issues don’t have appropriate tools for coordination; that activism seems overwhelming to those not already involved; and that activists need free open-source tools that can adapt to their needs.

How does your project address the problem? would initially provide a central place to find and discover political events and organizations – thereby lowering the barriers to getting active in political organizations. The platform will eventually include activist and organization accounts to allow for direct interaction. Events would be categorized based on the type of issue being worked on (environment, women’s rights, LGBTQ+, etc.), as well as the level of involvement (learn, support, act). This would encompass ways to volunteer, as well as actions such as protests, community meetings, seminars and more. Organizations are able to represent themselves and their missions on dedicated pages, create and manage events, curate activism resources, automate their on-boarding process and show affiliations to other organizations.