humAIn code

Establishing an ethics certification for digital applications to make digitization and technology transparent for everyone. humAIn code seeks to perform a holistic examination of the AI system in the social context, addressing aspects of bias, discrimination of marginalized people and communities, diversity and inclusion.

  • Elaha Ilay Mahbub, Kassandra Luna Wilhem

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Project description

What problem does the project solve?

Algorithms as well as AI are becoming more and more part of our living world and will be more deeply integrated into our society and everyday life. Due to their enormous power, such systems have a great impact on humans themselves and on society. For example, software systems guide decisions intentionally or unintentionally, which is why consideration should be given to unintended as well as intended implications both in the development process and in deployment. Quotes such as “The result must be correct because the analysis was done by a computer & computers are better than humans to draw such conclusions” reinforce the need for adherence to proper ethics guidelines.

How does your project address the problem?

humAIn code wants to establish an ethics certification for digital applications based on AI or pure algorithms in order to bring values and aspects like trust, transparency, diversity and inclusion in this area. The focus is on applications that are in the (in-)direct context of humans. The certification process should apply a community-driven approach.