Questions of power play a significant role in determining what becomes knowledge and what is included in official narratives. This, in turn, shapes how we as a society interact with one another, which perspectives and interests we center and which are written off as less important or irrelevant. That’s why Wikimedia Deutschland is taking action in partnership with the network neue deutsche organisationen – das postmigrantische netzwerk e.V.

re•shape – A Wikimedia program to support knowledge equity launches in September 2023. The aim for Wikimedia Deutschland, in partnership with neue deutsche organisationen, is to help create more space and visibility for marginalized knowledge by funding and supporting projects. The program is therefore aimed explicitly at people and communities who experience racism. In addition to financial support of up to €5,000, the program will also provide mentors to advise on projects. The program will create a space for networking and dialogue, while workshops will explore ways of working with Free Knowledge in order to spread marginalized knowledge. Applications are open between May 11 and June 18, 2023 and can be submitted in German or English.

You can refer to our Glossary to see what we mean when we write things like Free Licenses, Free Knowledge and Knowledge Equity.


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