Episode 11: Decentralization

What’s in this episode?

In this episode we go back to the origins of movement strategy. We shed a light on some of the concepts that are foundational to the strategy and to how Wikimedia projects are governed since the beginning: decentralization and subsidiarity. Our guests explain where these concepts came from, and why they are central to the future governance model. We explore what decentralization could mean in practice for areas such as fundraising, software development and advocacy.

Our guests are…

Claudia Garad

Executive Director of Wikimedia Österreich since 2012, member of the Roles & Responsibilities Working Group during phase 2 of the Movement Strategy process, President of Wikimedia Europe since 2022

Guillaume Paumier

Wikimedian since 2005, working for the Foundation since 2009, architect of the first phase of movement strategy which led to the strategic direction.

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