Episode 6: Hubs

What’s in this episode?

Regional and thematic hubs continue to be the hot topic among many Wikimedians pursuant to the strategy recommendations. Many affiliates and volunteers have done hub-like work for a long time, and hubs now seem to provide a vehicle to formalize and financially sustain that work. The idea of having structures that help people share resources, do fundraising together, and make decisions at the regional level reverberates with many. Today we have Johnny Allegre and Natalia Szafran to give us updates on hub activities in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Our guests are…

Johnny Alegre

President of Philippine WIkimedia Community UG and member of the ESEAP Hub 

Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska

Community Support Team Manager at Wikimedia Poland and member of the CEE Hub Interim Steering Committee

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