Episode 9: Abstract Wikipedia

What’s in this episode?

In this episode we talk with Denny Vrandečić and Lydia Pintscher about the software products that are changing the way the Movement leverages data to move towards the strategic direction of knowledge equity and knowledge as a service. Lydia gives an update on what is happening with Wikidata, and Denny shares about a newer project – Abstract Wikipedia, which aims to let more people share more knowledge in more languages. Abstract Wikipedia allows people to create and maintain Wikipedia articles in a language-independent way. A particular language Wikipedia can then translate the article into its language. We also touch on Wikifunctions, and large-language models and how it all relates.

Our guests are…

Lydia Pintscher

Portfolio lead for Wikidata at Wikimedia Deutschland

Denny Vrandečić

Founder of Wikidata and currently leading the development of Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia at the Wikimedia Foundation

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