Episode 13: Overcoming Harassment and the Transgender Gap

What’s in this episode? 

In this podcast episode we interview two long-time non-binary Wikipedia editors, Pax and Tamsin. They discuss their efforts to improve the representation of marginalized groups and reduce harassment on Wikipedia, reinforcing the importance of the movement strategy’s focus on safety and inclusion. The guests talk about their fight against vandalism and provide a critical perspective on the encyclopedia’s neutral point of view policy. The episode sheds light on the challenges and the progress that we face as a Movement as we try to create a Wikipedia that is safer and that better represents trans and non-binary people and content.

Our guests are …

Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Editor on the English Wikipedia since 2008 and Media Contributor of the Year 2023. Pax is a queer Black trans blogger and photographer, and long-time resident of San Francisco. 

Tamzin Hadasa Kelly

Wikimedian since 2012. Tamzin has written Wikipedia articles on topics ranging from LGBTQ subjects, to unusual legal cases, to Mike Tyson’s tattoos, and is one of the few openly non-binary admins on the English Wikipedia.

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