Episode 3: UNLOCKing Innovation

What’s in this episode?

We are looking back at years of complaints about how Wikimedia technology is outdated and exclusive. Non-encyclopedic forms of knowledge are still impossible or hard to insert into our existing formats. The last big innovation from our movement is Wikidata, which is now almost ten years old. Movement Strategy calls on us to innovate our technical and social systems so that new and marginalized communities can join and share their knowledge. We talk about the UNLOCK accelerator program, how it is being implemented in collaboration with WMS and WMDE this year, and explore how the movement can become more of an innovation ecosystem.

Our guests are…

Kannika Thaimai

Program lead of the UNLOCK accelerator at Wikimedia Deutschland. Before joining Wikimedia Deutschland in 2019, Kannika worked in a social startup and supported other social startups through their various development phases.

Ivana Madžarević

Program and Community Support Manager at Wikimedia Serbia. Together with Kannika, Ivana runs the accelerator program for innovation in our movement. Before joining Wikimedia Serbia 8 years ago, Ivana worked many years in the NGO sector.

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