Truly useful images. Freely licensed. Compiled by the community: picsome is looking for testers!

Christina Rupprecht
Lukas Walenciak

Wikimedia’s new platform “picsome” is intended to be the technical successor to our Attribution Generator. Our initial goal is to ensure that the application can also be used for images from other repositories in addition to images from Wikimedia Commons.

It captures and describes images and – in the same way as the Attribution Generator – compiles all the necessary terms of a license and prepares a license notice for users. Furthermore, we plan to enable users to collect and manage images, as well as to browse their own (private) or public collections. In this way, picsome will become the place to go for freely licensed, high-quality images that can be used in a license-compliant way.

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Use picsome as a filing system: You can bookmark images you found on the web, manage them in collections and thus easily (re)find them.


Use picsome as a license inspector: Insert a URL and find out if and how you can reuse the image.


Use picsome as an open gallery: Share your collections with colleagues, friends or everyone.


Use picsome as a treasure trove: Browse your private or any public collection for the best images and reuse them.

For now, picsome is still a prototype….

…but with your support, picsome will soon be available to everyone.

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