Episode 20: The Global Majority Speaks Out on Tech!

What’s in this Episode?

Last month, a text called the “Global Majority Wikimedia Technology Priorities” was published on Meta. This is a manifesto, signed by a growing number of Wikimedia organizations and individuals, which addresses decision making about technology in the Wikimedia Movement – particularly when it comes to creating technology that is designed for users of the Global Majority and in emerging communities. We talk to two of the initiators of the research and the text, and they relate their work to movement strategy and knowledge as a service.

Our Guests are …

Tanveer Hasan works for the Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India. Prior to this he has worked in the MS implementation grants team of the WMF and was part of the team that managed the development of MS

Éder Porto is a member and a products and technology manager at the Brazilian affiliate, Wiki Movimento Brasil. He oversees their tech team and has worked on the research mentioned in this episode.

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