Episode 19: Charting the Movement Charter

What’s in this episode?

In this episode we talk about the Wikimedia Movement Charter – the “artifact” that spells out who we are, what values we have, and what roles and responsibilities the various Movement bodies have. The close-to final draft of the charter is now online for comments and review. We talk with two members of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee, and a community member involved in the original strategy formation. We touch upon the history of the charter, the motivation and work that went into it. We learn what if affirms and what it adds. We also find out why it ended up being a short document!

Our guests are …

Ciell has a professional background in social work and has been an admin on the Dutch Wikipedia since 2006. She is also very active within the international community. She is an admin on Wikimedia Commons and a member of the international Wiki Loves Monuments team. And most importantly for the purpose of today’s podcast: she is part of the MCDC.

Daria Cybulska is the Director of Programmes at Wikimedia UK, having joined the chapter in 2012. She is a Churchill Fellow, investigating Central Asia’s online civil society, and an AKO Storytelling Institute Fellow working on misinformation and information literacy skills.

Alek Tarkowski is a digital activist who joined the Wikimedia Movement back in 2017 during the strategy process. He is the co-founder and Strategy Director at the Open Future think tank and sits on the Board of Directors of Creative Commons. He is also the chair of the Oversight Board of Centrum Cyfrowe, a Polish digital think-and-do tank.

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