Reimagining Science – Towards Openness & Equity

We are looking for strong and committed partners who share our vision!

Who we are

Wikimedia Deutschland is part of a worldwide movement that promotes Open Knowledge. In this context we are particularly committed to foster knowledge and communities that are excluded by power structures and privileges. Our mission is to counteract structural inequalities and to achieve a just representation of knowledge and people. 

What we do and how we do it

As an independent non-profit organisation, Wikimedia Deutschland has grown a rich ecosystem for the support of free knowledge, not only through its stewardship of the Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia and Wikidata, but also through numerous initiatives to foster Open Science. We are embedded in a growing community of Open Science institutions, experts and enthusiasts. We serve as a hub to provide access to a network with experience in building suitable tools, strategies and legal knowledge to open up research data, methods and results.

With the Open Science Fellows Program Wikimedia Deutschland has made a considerable contribution to the advancement of Open Science in German academia by addressing the absence of teaching and mentorship at German universities in this area and by shaping a dynamic community of practice.

Our vision

We want to live in a world where diverse actors create and disseminate scientific knowledge in open, inclusive, and collaborative ways that support a shift toward knowledge equity and social justice. Open Science, with its inherent goal of establishing mutually beneficial knowledge systems for all members of society, can serve as an agent of transformation towards knowledge equity. 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for strong and committed partners who share our vision! We aim to create a transnational network supporting researchers around the globe not just to access research results and data but also to equitably participate and engage with the international research community. 

We seek fair partnerships across communities: As part of the Wikimedia movement, we share leadership equitably and leverage our position to empower others – we strive for building capacity and sharing resources. Bringing in substantial experience in working with Open Science, we seek collaboration to produce free, accessible and equitable knowledge. Our goal is to achieve a fair participation of diverse communities. With our experience in network and community building, our capacity to activate people from various backgrounds we seek to help remove systemic barriers and to advance collaboration on an international scale. 


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