Über 50 Teams haben sich mit tollen Ideen für Freies Wissen beim UNLOCK Accelerator beworben. Fünf davon haben uns besonders überzeugt – sie nehmen an unserem Förderprogramm teil und bekommen ein professionelles Coaching sowie Stipendien. Hier stellen wir euch die fünf teilnehmenden Teams und ihre Ansätze vor.


FollowTheVote is a mobile app that makes political engagement a fun and informative habit for young people by combining facts with gamification.

UNLOCK 2021_GovDirectory_Logo

Government Online Presence Directory

The Government Online Presence Directory is a crowdsourced and fact-checked directory of official governmental online accounts and services around the globe.


OpenSpeaks Accessibility

OpenSpeaks Accessibility is an open toolkit for language archivists on how to create permanent, accessible and inclusive audiovisual archives.


The Re:Source Project

The Re:Source Project is a browser extension that informs about working conditions across supply chains.

UNLOCK 2021_ThinkTwise__Project logo


ThinkTwise is an open source browser extension that detects and highlights the quality of arguments in written, digital texts.

a screenshot of the Audiopedia-wiki prototype 2020 that generates audible knowledge

Audiopedia – Hörbares Wissen für marginalisierte Bevölkerungsgruppen

The platform Audiopedia makes audible knowledge accessible through free content and free technology, focussing on health and nutrition topics and addressing primarily non-readers in the Global South. [German only]

Project Lifecycle bei Communitybasierte Zertifizierung von Open Source Hardware

Communitybasierte Zertifizierung von Open Source Hardware

The platform „Open Hardware Observatory (OHO)“ sets new international standards to help collect, document and certify existing technical knowledge on Open Hardware projects. [German only]


Face the Facts

„Face the Facts“ is an app which helps users retrieve all important information about political candidates, such as past voting behaviours, controversies or sideline activities by scanning the election poster with their mobile phone. [German only]

Zukunftsbild von Futures Probes

Futures Probes

Futures Probes is a qualitative survey method that invites people to create visions of the future on specific topics with the aim of capturing marginalized voices in particular. [German only]

Screenshot of the app UnFAQ

Unfrequently Asked Questions

Unfrequently Asked Questions is a web-based app that strengthens civic participation by enabling users to playfully engage with their immediate surroundings and experiences through their mobile devices. [German only]