Über 50 Teams haben sich mit tollen Ideen für Freies Wissen beim UNLOCK Accelerator beworben. Fünf davon haben uns besonders überzeugt – sie nehmen an unserem Förderprogramm teil und bekommen ein professionelles Coaching sowie Stipendien. Hier stellen wir euch die fünf teilnehmenden Teams und ihre Ansätze vor.

Audiopedia – Hörbares Wissen für marginalisierte Bevölkerungsgruppen

The platform Audiopedia makes audible knowledge accessible through free content and free technology, focussing on health and nutrition topics and addressing primarily non-readers in the Global South. [German only]


Communitybasierte Zertifizierung von Open Source Hardware

The platform „Open Hardware Observatory (OHO)“ sets new international standards to help collect, document and certify existing technical knowledge on Open Hardware projects. [German only]


Face the Facts

„Face the Facts“ is a web-based app which helps users retrieve all important information about political candidates, such as past voting behaviours, controversies or sideline activities by scanning the election poster with their mobile phone. [German only]


Futures Probes

Futures Probes is a qualitative survey method that invites people to create visions of the future on specific topics with the aim of capturing marginalized voices in particular. [German only]


Unfrequently Asked Questions

Unfrequently Asked Questions is a web-based app that strengthens civic participation by enabling users to playfully engage with their immediate surroundings and experiences through their mobile devices. [German only]