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Games 2015

Pictures Of A Reasonably Documented Year Play here:

You found a computer. What happened to the owner? All video footage taken from the Preilinger Archive. An interactive fiction video game where the story unfolds in videos, pictures, and text that come from a source for free content.

TexTiles Source Code here:

A game which included files from the pattern books from the historical archive of HTW Berlin . There is also a protoype analogue game on paper. A puzzle game that combines matching tile games, Tetris, and Scrabble-style point scoring. Made with Free knowledge from Coding Da Vinci.

Thief Source Code here:

Play here:

You are a thief in a museum. Collect paintings that have the right license. A game which uses the Wikidata API.

MegaJules3000 Source Code here:

A game where facts are downloaded from Wikipedia which act as hints to help you solve the quiz which leads you to the next level. A classic JRPG with Free Knowledge from Wikipedia.

Wikiexplorer A game where our Knowledge Hero goes through articles, explores them and that way connects knowledge in a fun way. A roleplaying game.
Garden of Knowledge A game which links back to articles by using the Wikipedia API. The player can plant a tree (an article from Wikipedia) and depending on how long the article is and how many links it has, the tree grows. This is a fun game for editiors who could collect their articles in form of trees and watch as they grow. A soothing garden simulation that pushes the boundaries of the definition of "game".
Archave A game which uses photos of ancient games from Wiki Commons. The player has one shot to click on the right part of the game to get it going. Teaches you about old games and how they work. Uses illustration and art from Wikimedia Commons as Free Knowledge.
Bulbaria A game which uses Free Knowledge as a concept. In a fictional, politically repressive country, the aim is to spread the philosophy of open media and understand what role it plays in society. The player has to foster knowledge in form of different acts to ultimately seek a regime change.
Tiny Moss World A game which uses melodic open source music. The player gets to explore a tiny world in the forest trying to find out what plants need.
Ranthm A game which uses random sounds from Wikimedia Commons and a special controller to create a DDR-style rhythm game.

Photos of the event

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