The WikiLibrary Manifesto

The WikiLibrary Manifesto aims at connecting libraries and Wikimedia projects such as Wikibase in an international network of knowledge. Our goal: The creation and implementation of a single linked open data network for art, culture and science. Sign up now!

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The WikiLibrary Manifesto

Our vision is to create a reliable, machine-readable, collaboratively maintained Linked Open Data network for the arts, culture and science as a solid base for FAIR knowledge. Yet fully applying the FAIR data principles to knowledge requires a shared framework. The signers of the Wikimedia Library Manifesto will work together to achieve the vision of a common knowledge graph embedded in a shared framework. They will do so by respecting the principles listed below and by taking specific measures to fulfil their vision, also outlined below.


  • Promoting free licenses for data and their software environment.
  • Shaping spaces where diverse communities thrive. (Community gardening).
  • Providing structured data based on FAIR data principles in order to be able to transparently transform data into information to create FAIR knowledge.
  • Promoting common core standards created consensually and collaboratively.
  • Providing open governance structures and embedding them into existing systems.
  • Dedicating resources to obtain user interfaces that are accessible to and user‑friendly for everybody who wants to contribute and actively care for data and knowledge.
  • Fostering data literacy in the digital transformation on the three stages: data, information and knowledge.


Embracing Wikibase as a promising technical infrastructure to store, edit and exchange data based on the FAIR data principles, the signers of the manifesto will work on making Wikibase a user-friendly reference software to create data hubs for the envisioned knowledge graph. Starting with: 

  • Making Wikibase more interoperable with existing systems and standards (e.g. by making it easier to import existing structured data).
  • Easing the sharing of data and data models between Wikibase instances through automated mechanisms.
  • Commonly defining support and maintenance structures of Wikibase as an open-source software.
  • Defining and providing more data exchange formats including those established in the GLAM-field.
  • Inviting more institutions from the library realm and beyond in the fields of GLAM and the humanities to join the efforts to create a Wikibase-based ecosystem of structured data, catching up to the idea of a truly semantic web and FAIR knowledge.

Berlin • Frankfurt, November 2020

Frank Scholze
Director General
German National Library

Abraham Taherivand
Executive Director
Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.

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